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Benefits of Document Imaging

Keeping a hard copy of your files is a very expensive proposition, and typically storage space is only a small portion of the costs involved: accessing the information is a time consuming activity that needs to be optimized.

Traditional solutions only answer the filing and archiving aspect of the problem. Information retrieval continues to be time consuming and more importantly, very expensive.

NeoPaper's 3-step process is a unique system that goes beyond traditional solutions to help you manage your paper documents and other paper-based sources of information. Regardless of how big or small your needs are, we can safeguard your document archives, reclaim the space they currently take, and yet allow you to access all your information, instantly.

In effect, NeoPaper is the most effective way to manage your important paper documents!

How so? We offer you the peace of mind of keeping your documents safe and searchable simultaneously. No need to worry about natural disasters, losing or misplacing pages, or even having to stick to an awkward filing system: we help you streamline your business operations by providing:

  • Digital archiving of all your paper documents
  • Onsite processing for ultimate security
  • Powerful dedicated search engine
  • Immediate access to all your critical information
  • No manual indexing or data entry

The idea is simple: Lower your costs, and increase efficiency. In essence, we are giving you back the peace of mind you lost when you fell hostage to paper.

Furthermore, we can provide all these benefits without you buying any new piece of software!

That's right, the benefits of our solution do not require a costly application, nor does it require annual maintenance fees or expensive software upgrades. Once the documents are imaged and processed, there will not be any additional fees or costs!

How's that for a value proposition!

Time Savings

Did you know that ninety percent of the documents handled daily in the workplace are still on paper? In the average office, 19 copies are made of each document, and roughly $20 is spent on labor for filing each document. These figures really hit home when you multiply those by the number of documents your growing business deals with each and every day.

NeoPaper can convert all your files to a digital format, reducing document storage space by up to 95%. Approximately one filing cabinet can be recorded on a single optical disk. Not only is storage space minimized, but access to "filed" documents is greatly improved.

Eliminate Manual Searches

Searching for documents is time consuming. Studies have realized that fifteen percent of needed documents are misplaced; and 7.5% are lost completely. In some cases, up to thirty percent of the work day was spent searching for files.

Electronic Document Management can provide an immediate response to a query, by-passing the long process of a paper search. Eliminating the manual search can enhance customer service, which helps you offer customers faster response times.

For example, a car dealer performs a vehicle inspection and is missing a key. The dealer calls the manufacturer to get a key number so a new key can be made for the car. The manufacturer will then need to search through the files for the car that matches the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to provide the key information to the dealer. This search could take several days. If the files were stored digitally, the dealer could call the manufacturer and provide the VIN number of the car, which could be entered into the search field. The dealer can get the information almost immediately, greatly enhancing customer service. The manufacturer could even allow dealers to dial into their system to retrieve unrestricted information.

Reduce Storage Costs

The cost of filing and maintaining a filing cabinet is staggering. There are costs associated with equipment, space, and the salaries it takes to maintain the filing cabinet. A four drawer filing cabinet holds 15,000 to 20,000 pieces of paper. It costs $25,000 to fill the cabinet and $2000 a year to maintain it. One filing cabinet of information can be held on a single optical disk. That's the size of a CD case you have in your music collection!

For legal reasons, some documents may need to be stored for a period of years. NeoPaper can provide you with options for off-site storage of paper documents as part of an imaging contract.

Enhance Customer Service

A document management system can empower your company members with the ability to locate and retrieve documents instantaneously. Allow your employees to immediately respond to customer questions and inquiries with limited downtime. NeoPaper can provide your company with a document management solution that will insure instant access to document information - eliminating time delays, confusion and misinformation which frustrate your company's valued customers.

Improve Information Availability

Imaging solutions can grow from a single user to multiple users across the organization. With digital imaging, it is no longer necessary to shuffle files from one desk to another. People working in different departments, areas, or locations can all have access to the same information through their computers. Images are decentralized, and therefore more easily and readily accessible.

Peace of Mind

If you have it but cannot find it,you don't really have it!

In today's competitive environment, businesses have to focus on many things: competitors, quality of service, profitability, retaining the right employees, etc.

And business documents are important in that they tie everything together. They protect the past and secure the future. Document imaging is a cost efficient way to ensure business continuity even in adverse conditions.

The NeoPaper system focuses on the retrieval of information, not just archiving. This means that even if key employees leave, accessing critical information still remains effortless.

Our Enterprise Document Management system offers the following:

  • 100% availability
  • Redundancy is possible
  • On site processing
  • Immediate access
  • Instantaneous searches

And it does not require manual data entry. It basically acts as a universal repository: A single database for all types of documents.

  • Secure
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Confidential

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Disaster Protection

Protecting traditional documents means making physical copies and storing them offsite in a disaster proof archive center: an extremely expensive value proposition in itself. Electronic documents can be safeguarded by simply storing optical disks offsite. This can be done in a safety deposit box for next to nothing.

Electronic documents stored on optical disks also offer excellent protection against floods or other damages caused by water and moisture. They also circumvent the inevitable aging of paper.

Information Security

Security of your information is achieved on many levels. Access to information is secure and available only to authorized personnel through the use of virtual private networks.

Electronic Document Management can provide another form of security through "disaster recovery." Once the data is converted to digital format, a backup copy can be stored in a disaster recovery vault.