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Imaging Solutions

Here are but a few of the typical needs many businesses have expressed prior to working with us:

  • "We need a quick way to search through financial information that is only available in paper format."
  • "How can we access the signed version of customer contracts without having to contact the archives department every time?"
  • "I need to look up a work order/invoice with handwritten notes on it, including the customer's signature. How can I do that while I have the customer on the phone?"
  • "Is there an easy way to access my 6-month-old hotel bill to validate the amount?"
  • "Is there an easy way to determine if a specific clause is present in a lease document?"

You can streamline your operations and become more productive by implementing NeoPaper's unique imaging solution. Here are some of the benefits our customers repeatedly point out after utilizing our services:

  • Fire, disaster and element protection
  • Facilitate expansion of growing business
  • To save storage space
  • Free more room for new employees
  • Easily find, access and search contracts
  • Ability to fax / email important documents
  • Peace of mind of having all documents in one place
  • Feeling of being in control
  • Cost effective solution
  • Ease of storage
  • Helping protect our environment

And more importantly:

  • To easily access all critical business information at a moment's notice!

We realize just like you that, even today, the paperless office is still not a practical scenario. But we can still help you with processes that will minimize your dependency to paper and even train your workforce with the new system. Give us a call to find out more.

Who Needs Document Imaging?

Any business or organization currently utilizing a traditional paper-based filing system needs to seriously consider a transition toward paperless processes such as those offered by document imaging systems.

Traditionally, paper documents are produced, filed, retrieved, photocopied, and then mailed or faxed upon request. Recipients then often make copies for their records and then proceed to retype the information into an electronic form. The volume of paper documents created, managed, stored, and destroyed within an organization is overwhelming when considered.

By adopting paperless business processes within a document imaging system, your company will benefit economically, increase productivity, and enhance customer service capabilities.

NeoPaper can help your organization develop an on-site document imaging solution that will reduce your company's expenses on paper and physical storage, streamline data exchanges and communication, as well as drastically reduce retrieval times of archived documents.

Investment in a document imaging system will directly impact your company's bottom line.

Ask NeoPaper the value of converting pounds of paper into megabytes of data within a document imaging system custom designed for your organization's business processes.


Do you realize how many storage boxes you have in the attic or hidden in closets? And if you are like most of us, a large number of them are filled up with important documents that you must keep, but almost never refer to. And when you need to access those documents, finding them is a nightmare.

There must be a better way, you think.

And there is!

We can help you manage those documents. We either conveniently go on site and process all your documents or pick them up and bring them back to our processing facility. Either way, you get access to the same award winning service. The experienced NeoPaper crew will capture all the important information from your paper documents, make it searchable and store it permanently on optical media. No more need to go to the attic to find a copy of a document you are not sure you kept. All the information is conveniently stored on optical disks and the customized search engine makes finding almost everything a snap!

Our expertise is our own proven 3-step process: Scan, Store and Search. It creates an exclusive search engine for your important personal information. All your files are reproduced digitally and all of the information is easily accessible from any computer.

See for yourself or give us a call and we'll show you the benefits of this award-winning process.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Here are some of the reasons why individuals have used our services:

  • Fire and element protection
  • To save storage space
  • Ease of storage
  • Ease of access and search capabilities
  • Ability to fax / email important documents
  • Peace of mind of having all documents in one place
  • Feeling of being in control
  • Cost effective solution
  • Helping protect our environment

Our customers have asked us to manage the following types of documents:

  • Passports
  • Receipts
  • Pictures
  • Recipes
  • Tax documents
  • Contracts
  • Official Records
  • Titles & Certificates
  • Children masterpieces (to share with grandparents)
  • Boxes of archived documents
  • Personal letters
  • College and high school course notes
  • Birth certificate
  • Diplomas
  • Credit cards
  • Bank statements
  • Insurance policy
  • Magazine articles
  • And many more!

Having said that, we understand that your situation is unique and we'd love to hear about your unique needs! Contact us to find out how we can help.

Our services to individual can be applied in many different settings.

  • Back to school: Students can now store all course notes electronically and get rid of all lose pages and folded notes without losing anything, even scribbled notes on the back of pages!
  • Tax season: Keep your income tax documents (W-2, 1099s, etc) forever without having to hold on to the paper copy.
  • Spring cleanup: Want to get rid of a few boxes of documents that were kept in the attic, but don't want to lose the documents? We can help!